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forever jackson


Last Wednesday evening Gareth and I were invited to the opening night of Forever Jackson at the Jo’burg Theatre (Thank you Jodene Shaer !)  Being a  M.J fan myself I was excited about seeing the show and experiencing the music that made my childhood special.

Europe’s number one Jackson show has graced our South African shores with a bang. Artist and producer Robin Parsons takes on the role of the King of Pop from his dance moves to his voice and even looks remarkably like Micheal Jackson himself. The show features mesmerizing choreography, stunning special effects and includes a number of Micheal Jackson’s hits.


forever jackson


We were treated to a spectacular show from the moment Robin stepped onto the stage until the final song, the entire show left the audience wanting more from this Micheal Jackson replica. The music was superb as the band played our favorite songs with Robin hitting those notes in iconic M.J style. I was blown away by how much he actually sounded like Micheal.

We heard the classics like Billy Jean, Beat It, Earth song and my favorite Black or White. As soon as I heard the guitar riff for Black or White I felt my mouth curve into an instant smile! His rendition of my favorite Micheal song was done  and even though I didn’t have the opportunity to see Micheal Jackson in concert, Parsons definitely made up for that.

The dance moves were nothing less than perfect as he moon walked his way into the audiences hearts. He’s style and execution as he danced were smooth and effortless as if it were Micheal himself up on that stage. The back-up dancers did an amazing job and brought the show together – my favorite part was the zombie dance for Thriller where they wore glow in the dark costumes while they danced on stage.



The costumes and stage were fantastic, I loved the different jackets worn by Parsons throughout the show and I was wowed by how identical he looked to Micheal after the two hour theatrical make up process he goes through for each show. He is completely transformed into Micheal and when I met him after the show I got a close up view of his nose, which was so well done!

After putting on an amazing performance we got the chance to meet and chat with Parsons after the show, under all that make-up and bling he is one super sweet and patient guy, chatting and taking photographs with everyone that was waiting in-line.

I thoroughly enjoyed Forever Jackson, Parsons and his team put on a spectacular show that M.J would be proud of. If you love Micheal Jackson this show is not to be missed you can see it at the Jo’burg Thetre  click here for details. Tickets prices range from R145 – R325.


Check out some of the pictures taken after the show! A very big thank you to Mariola Biela for capturing these stunning pictures. See her details below.


Forever Jackson

Th King of Pop and Me!



Forever Jackson

Me, Micheal (Robin Parsons) and Gareth


Forever Jackson

Chatting to the King of Pop


Mariola Biela


Thank you for reading!  Ciao



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