Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer



Hi Unicorns!

Today I am going to be telling you about a really awesome and truly innovative product to hit the South African market and that is the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer. Yes, indeed you have read correctly a spray moisturizer! You can now say goodbye to those greasy old lotions and say hello to the new spray on moisturizer that is not only quick and super easy to use but gives you all the benefits of bottled lotions without the left over residue. (more…)

Rummikub With A Twist




A few weeks ago I was privileged to attend the launch of a super – cool board game. You may be familiar with the tile-based game that has been around for decades but the new Rummikub comes with a twist. Rummikub with a twist is adding a fresh and contemporary twist into the traditional game of Rummikub. New, brightly coloured tiles and a collection of jokers add excitement to the strategy and the fun. I was one of the lucky few to play the game for the first time in SA and boy was it lots of fun. (more…)

Oreo Sandwich and Crunchie Ice Cream Review




I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream! Summer days are never complete without a little frozen treat. With the warm weather settling in nicely in the city of gold I am enjoying warm days, cool dresses and of course ice cream. In fact I am enjoying it so much I have had ice cream almost every day for the past week, don’t judge it is super hot in Jozi and I feel like a kid again each time I hold an ice cream on a stick.

Recently one of my hot bride-to-be blogger friends Ashleigh Davids (go follow her here ) posted an Oreo ice cream sandwich on social media. As I stood there with my eyes glazing over at the thought of having such deliciousness in my life too. I immediately left a comment asking, where on earth did she get it. After her reply and a bit of digging myself the first thing I did when I walked into my PnP was scan the aisles to find the ice cream fridges. I was a girl on a mission. (more…)

My First Color Run!


A lot of people say I am lucky, because I have won so many competitions. My boyfriend may beg to differ when I called him on a Friday afternoon to announce that I had won tickets to the happiest 5k on the planet from Destiny Magazine. G was not impressed that his Sunday would be dedicated to working up a sweat but his attitude soon changed when I explained it was all about celebrating color and promoting good health. (more…)

Secrets to Shine Through the Noise – Book Review

Secrets to shine through the noise


Hi Unicorns!

This post is way over due and I have been meaning to get around to it for some time now. My life seems to have been turned into a roller coaster with a lot of highs and stomach turning lows but what is a life without any up’s or downs? When I first opened Secrets to Shine Through the Noise: GPS to Amplify Your Brand and Find the Path to the Life You Want by  Akasha Garnier it could not have come at a better time.  (more…)

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