Lust List – Christmas Ed

Christmas is almost here with only 13 days to go! One of my favourite parts about Christmas is the presents! I am not going to lie when I say I love opening presents on Christmas day with the family. We usually gather around, while one family member plays Santa and hands out the gifts from under the tree.

Today I will be sharing my Christmas Lust List with you all. This list comprises of all the things I am lusting over this festive season.

Christmas Lust List


1. Unicorn Slippers! I saw these while out at Sandton City last week and I am dying to get my feet into a pair of them.

2. House of Hollard Christmas nails. So back in November my nearest Clicks store had a Christymassy set and I decided to go back for it and when I did they were gone! I haven’t seen them around JHB since but will still be keeping an eye out!

3. A Typo 2017 diary. I totally want a diary from Typo! they always have the most cool looking stationary, I have got my eye on the sparkly rose gold or the mermaid diary.

4. See-through Nail stamp. A couple Christmases ago I received an awesome nail stamping kit from Granny. These kits were quite new in SA at the time and the stamp was solid in color. I would love to get a clear one this year so that I can see exactly were I am stamping!

5. A Lovisa Chocker. I have been wanting one for ages but I just haven’t had the chance to get one.




Let’s hope I see some of these things under the Christmas Tree this year.

What are you lusting over this Christmas, let me know in the comments below!

  • Seems like fashion are repeating themselves – like with the choker i remember i had one while i was still in High-school, but later on i have decided to give it away to our church basaar, since i didn’t fancy it anymore!

    The clear stamper, that’s one of the things that i must still get – don’t know when, but yes it nice to see where to stamp, at the moment i use the reverse stamping method – old school type.

    I can so understand why you want to have a Unicorn slipper! I’m on the other hand love anything that are cat related!

    I love how you celebrate Christmas each year and i’ve also heard stories of how my parents Christmas was when they was still young – i envy you – for us it’s basically just go to church go home eat supper don’t know what yet and them my parents go take an afternoon nap and i will probably be on my laptop watching a movie!

    • Yes, I had a choker when I was younger as well. It’s funny how things we thought were old and boring are coming back into fashion.

      I need to learn how to reserve stamp! Haven’t tried it as yet.

      We also just go to church and after lunch it is usually nap time. Since we have to see two families our Christmas day is very busy. In the morning we go to church with my parents then after we have lunch with them. Then we go for second lunch at G’s parents and open presents! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas if you are ever in JHB or PE let me know 🙂

  • I didn’t know you had seen those unicorn slippers too! Lol, and then I go send you a picture of them 😉 Hope you find them under the tree!

    • I just saw them last week! hoping Santa comes through for me this year! Thanks reading! Hope you get all you want this Christmas too