‘My love for you’ Project


Hello Unicorns!

I know it has been a while, around 2 months to be exact! This is the longest I have been away from the blog world and for good reasons too one of them being that my site has been down for a while and I couldn’t post this sooner. I have also been super busy so if you haven’t heard from me you can take this post as a signal that I am a alive. Today I want to tell you about a fun little Valentines Day project I got into over the last couple of weeks.

I love ‘projects’ anything that allows me to be creative, connect with people or just have fun.  In mid January I saw a picture floating around the internet. The photo was taken in Dubai with someone holding up a note which read “Nathan, Chloes, love for you is so big it’s reached Dubai.” I then saw this a couple more times scrolling through my News-feed on Facebook with people asking others to do a love-note photo in different parts of the world. I then offered to do one from South Africa for a lady in one of the Facebook groups I was in and that is how it all started for me! I wanted in on it too.



The power of social media truly knows no bounds, because when I searched for a group dedicated to taking pictures and sharing it with people around the world I found not only one but 3 (I know there are more now.) The purpose of the group was to find people to trade with from different cities and countries. I got off to a pretty great start as South Africa wasn’t as common when I started this project, I had many people wanting to trade with me. The rules were to write hand written love notes, with the names of the person you were trading with and their partner, while adding your location. My notes went something like this “Gareth, Cassaricas love for you is so big it’s reached (insert location here.”) After writing the notes you would take a picture outside, at a building or statue, basically anywhere and then send to the owner when you were done.




I chose to take photos at the Nelson Mandela statue in Johannesburg South Africa because I wanted to offer others a monument that represented SA and what better to do that then go to Madiba! I didn’t realize the demand that will follow after posting a sample of my pictures. People from all around the globe wanted to trade with me! I got places like The statue of Liberty,  to places like Disney Land and Disney Princesses. It was fun but, boy was it time consuming in my first batch I had written over a 100 notes and I just stopped counting after that. Right now I have reason to believe I have written over 1000 notes judging from the amount of inbox messages I had received with requests I have fulfilled.

One of the most treasured pictures I received was from Denmark of the Little Mermaid statue, something that has a lot of meaning to me because not only am I obsessed with mermaids but I love the Hans Christian Andersen’s beautiful tale of the little mermaid which Disney drew their inspiration from. And I totally know if no one else gets it my person definitely will!


I even did some pictures at my local mall which has a carousel and one lady got a picture of my gorgeous boy Socrates holding a note, which is a once in a lifetime thing. Look at the image below!


On my many trips to the Nelson Mandela Statue where I took the photos Gareth accompanied me and helped me take them. It was so much fun,  we would sit on the ground together and he would hand me notes as I took photos of them. He didn’t even realize the project was for him! I decided to give it to him on Valentines day, I thought the gesture was sweet but I really did not anticipate the reaction I got from G after he saw my project which was put into a video with his favorite song! Gareth loved it, there were some tears, and I could not understand how much of a big deal it was to him because it didn’t seem like much compared to the amazing Valentines and every day he gives me.  I asked him if he knew what I was doing when I was taking  the photos and his response was “You’re always doing crazy things so I just thought this was one of your activities!” My boyfriend doesn’t seize to amaze me sometimes.


I decided to continue the project because he wanted more photos added to his video! So every weekend since January I have been out taking pictures, the project is also so addictive and I have offered free-trades to a lot of people with common places who are struggling to get South Africa because no one wants to trade with them. The project is about love and I love helping people.

About a week ago I started posting the images on Facebook because I wanted an easy way to show the family what I have been up to and a lot of our friends have asked about the project  and thought it was really sweet! G has had a lot of his friends message him about it as well and I can’t believe the response! When I first started the project it was just a fun thing to do but I never thought it would be so popular. I have also uploaded the images on his work computer  and set them as a background so he can see each individual picture. He loves the different hands, writing and the backgrounds of each picture.






I think the main reason I took on this project was the meaning behind it, different people from across the earth coming together to show a gesture of love for our loved ones. It is amazing what we can do if we work together but what was even more impactful for me was my personal meaning. At the end of my video I wrote “Thank you for being you. I wouldn’t change you for the world. You are enough, most people spend years searching , traveling to exotic places, chasing happiness but I am the lucky one. With you right here I have it all. ”  and that was my meaning behind it besides being fun and addictive others may do it because it is a trend, for fun and others may also do it for the same reasons I did but what mattered most was that G  loved it.




This project reminds me of the time Mum (Gareth’s mum) and I sent post cards to New Zealand for a class that was studying the postal system we wrote out tons of personal post cards and sent it to them and landed in the local newspaper! It makes me wonder what other awesome projects are out there that involves getting in touch with people from around the globe. Have you done anything like this let me know in the comments below

  • Melissa Javan

    So adorable you and Gareth – great post.

  • Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu

    coolest project EVER! so glad i got to read the origin story
    hahaha if i ever get a bae i’d wanna do this for i’m coming to you for sage advice.

  • Cherice Landers

    This is one of the most thoughtful, romantic gestures that I’ve come across. I absolutely adore it and I would also shed a tear or two if someone went through the effort of doing this for me. It’s a wonderful project Cass ❤️