A digital space for pretty things and happy days.


If pretty little do-dads catch your eye or if you delight in the little pleasures of this world and aspire to live a happy life, this is for you! You have just stumbled upon an oasis of good vibes and well-being.

You can look forward to an assortment of topics to captivate your mind but the essence of Amaze Blog lies in achieving an all round wellness by doing what makes you feel happy.



What you will find here:

    • Some awesome sauce bath and shower product reviews that are sure to uplift and make you feel like a million-bucks. A good place to start is at Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 where you will find the low-down on how I get great skin.
    •  How to achieve gorgeous coloured hair at home and maintain it without breaking the bank. Catch my post on how I dyed my hair a Pretty Flamingo shade here.
    • Must share make-up and beauty finds for those of us mere mortals trying to keep it simple in a world where there’s a new trend every time you open up Instagram. Have a look at my latest find here. 
    • All sorts of aesthetically pleasing arts and crafts.
    • Well-being in all spectrum’s of life.

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Wondering who’s behind this rocking piece of the internet?




Hi! My name is Cassarica and I am the creator of Amaze Blog. I started this blog to exhibit my love for all things pretty, my life experiences and to share things that I absolutely adore.

A big part of this blog about, you guessed ME, and what I enjoy in life! That includes my obsession with bath products, events I go to and what food I’m stuffing into my face. Be prepared for anything here on Amazeblog!

I have a great passion for writing along with extensive research and a lot of dedication I am able to put together  informative, interesting content for my readers. So you are going to be getting the good stuff with some added fun!




I have also been selected as one of the Brand Ambassadors for Garnier Pure Active. I am proud to be a part of this amazing brand and will be bringing you the best content possible to show you how to achieve great skin.



I have been such a busy bee lately and have co-founded The Blog Tag along with my awesome friend Sumarie. The Blog Tag is a place for bloggers and writers we provide daily writing prompts and blogger resources to alleviate writers block and encourage creativity. You can check out more here.


When I am not behind my laptop you will find me chilling with my other half Gareth and our Chinchillas Socrates, Thor and Loki (yes we have new additions to the family!) in our apartment in Johannesburg South Africa. I love going to the theater, watching movies, cooking up a storm, dabbling in different forms of art and relaxing in a tub all of which you will get a glimpse of on my blog.


Here’s a bit more about me:
Likes: shiny things, animals, novelty cakes, stationary, unicorns, cartoons, the colour pink, shopping, tea, the beach, make-up, lazing on the couch, fresh fruit, dragons.

Dislikes: pepper, spicey food, dirty dishes, spiders, lag, bad writing, taxis, burnt toast, animal cruelty.

Thank you for visiting AmazeBlog I am sure you will enjoy your time here!