‘My love for you’ Project


Hello Unicorns!

I know it has been a while, around 2 months to be exact! This is the longest I have been away from the blog world and for good reasons too one of them being that my site has been down for a while and I couldn’t post this sooner. I have also been super busy so if you haven’t heard from me you can take this post as a signal that I am a alive. Today I want to tell you about a fun little Valentines Day project I got into over the last couple of weeks. Continue reading “‘My love for you’ Project”

1825 Days of US – Celebrating 5 years together



There has been lots to celebrate this past week with my Birthday but today, is another special day for this unicorn. Today marks 5 years since G and I became official a couple. Yes, 5 years ago today I was sitting on the edge of his bed about to bail, when he asked me to be his girlfriend (butterflies.) It’s been exactly 1825 days of being a girlfriend to the most amazing man on the planet. Continue reading “1825 Days of US – Celebrating 5 years together”