Oreo Sandwich and Crunchie Ice Cream Review




I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream! Summer days are never complete without a little frozen treat. With the warm weather settling in nicely in the city of gold I am enjoying warm days, cool dresses and of course ice cream. In fact I am enjoying it so much I have had ice cream almost every day for the past week, don’t judge it is super hot in Jozi and I feel like a kid again each time I hold an ice cream on a stick.

Recently one of my hot bride-to-be blogger friends Ashleigh Davids (go follow her here https://www.instagram.com/dalasini_bride ) posted an Oreo ice cream sandwich on social media. As I stood there with my eyes glazing over at the thought of having such deliciousness in my life too. I immediately left a comment asking, where on earth did she get it. After her reply and a bit of digging myself the first thing I did when I walked into my PnP was scan the aisles to find the ice cream fridges. I was a girl on a mission. Continue reading “Oreo Sandwich and Crunchie Ice Cream Review”

Diet Friendly Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancake


As most of you know I have been quite health conscious over the last few weeks and I have been exploring new and old recipes that are fun and help me maintain a healthier diet. When I found myself with some ripe bananas last week my first instinct was to make banana bunt cake (which is really a fancy version of banana bread) but the amount of sugar and calories in my delicious bunt cake was not going to go well with my diet so I had the brilliant idea of making 2 ingredient banana pancakes! Continue reading “Diet Friendly Banana Pancakes”