You Know It’s a South African Christmas When…



My most favourite time of the year is fast approaching and I am all kinds of excited for Christmas! I love everything about Christmas but the one thing that has always disappointed me about the holiday is how it is widely portrayed in the media. I grew up watching endless Christmas movies and listening to songs but in each one it describes a Christmas I had never had. A snowy white, sitting by the fire place sipping on hot cocoa kinda Christmas. So today I have put together something for us South Africans and how we celebrate the festive season. Continue reading “You Know It’s a South African Christmas When…”

My First Color Run!


A lot of people say I am lucky, because I have won so many competitions. My boyfriend may beg to differ when I called him on a Friday afternoon to announce that I had won tickets to the happiest 5k on the planet from Destiny Magazine. G was not impressed that his Sunday would be dedicated to working up a sweat but his attitude soon changed when I explained it was all about celebrating color and promoting good health. Continue reading “My First Color Run!”

Valentine’s day – Inexpensive gift ideas

Valentine's Day Inexpensive Gift Ideas



It is that time of the year again where love is in the air and every where you turn an advertisement is there to remind you that Valentine’s day is fast approaching. It is exactly 24 day’s till the 14th of February, a day set aside to show that special person in your life how much you love them. Continue reading “Valentine’s day – Inexpensive gift ideas”