Lust List – Christmas Ed

Christmas is almost here with only 13 days to go! One of my favourite parts about Christmas is the presents! I am not going to lie when I say I love opening presents on Christmas day with the family. We usually gather around, while one family member plays Santa and hands out the gifts from under the tree.

Today I will be sharing my Christmas Lust List with you all. This list comprises of all the things I am lusting over this festive season.

Christmas Lust List


1. Unicorn Slippers! I saw these while out at Sandton City last week and I am dying to get my feet into a pair of them.

2. House of Hollard Christmas nails. So back in November my nearest Clicks store had a Christymassy set and I decided to go back for it and when I did they were gone! I haven’t seen them around JHB since but will still be keeping an eye out!

3. A Typo 2017 diary. I totally want a diary from Typo! they always have the most cool looking stationary, I have got my eye on the sparkly rose gold or the mermaid diary.

4. See-through Nail stamp. A couple Christmases ago I received an awesome nail stamping kit from Granny. These kits were quite new in SA at the time and the stamp was solid in color. I would love to get a clear one this year so that I can see exactly were I am stamping!

5. A Lovisa Chocker. I have been wanting one for ages but I just haven’t had the chance to get one.




Let’s hope I see some of these things under the Christmas Tree this year.

What are you lusting over this Christmas, let me know in the comments below!

You Know It’s a South African Christmas When…



My most favourite time of the year is fast approaching and I am all kinds of excited for Christmas! I love everything about Christmas but the one thing that has always disappointed me about the holiday is how it is widely portrayed in the media. I grew up watching endless Christmas movies and listening to songs but in each one it describes a Christmas I had never had. A snowy white, sitting by the fire place sipping on hot cocoa kinda Christmas. So today I have put together something for us South Africans and how we celebrate the festive season. Continue reading “You Know It’s a South African Christmas When…”

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb


Can you believe it is one week till Christmas? I hope you’ve got those Christmas presents ready if not, a great gift idea this Christmas would be some Lush Products. One really cool gift that anyone would love (guys included) is a Lush Golden Wonder bath bomb.

When I was at the Christmas event last month I was introduced to the Golden Wonder, the name itself sounds so magnificent. We were given a gift box that included the Golden Wonder but it sounded so good I also purchased one along with the other products I bought that day. Continue reading “Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb”

Egg Nog Recipe

Egg Nog Recipe


One tradition that started when I was a little girl was egg nog –  My dad always made egg nog for me at Christmas but he didn’t call it egg nog he called egg flip.  When I left home and had my first Christmas in my own place, I decided to try my hand at making some egg nog.

Last Christmas I made my own egg nog with no fuss. When December came around this year I was eager to make this Christmas drink but I couldn’t find the recipe I used. It was hopeless, I remembered cooking it on the stove but some recipes didn’t call for that and the recipes that sounded similar to what I made, included ingredients I didn’t use ( or did I?)

I kept putting off making egg nog because I wasn’t sure which recipe would be the best, until I was fed up. I finally decided to experiment and combine a few different recipes to make my own and with a little disaster along the way this turned out to be a real challenge! Continue reading “Egg Nog Recipe”